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By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 23:39
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  • It’s the Windows you know, only better

    Familiar and better than ever

    Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have.
    This combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7.
    Windows Insider

    Make the web work the way you do

    Microsoft Edge lets you move quickly from browsing to doing. Write1 or type notes directly on webpages and share them with others, read online articles free of distraction, and save your favorite reads for convenient access later.

    Multi-doing helps you get to “done” faster

    Get to done faster by better managing your desktop. Snap up to four things on one screen at the same time and create virtual desktops whenever you need more space or want to group things by project, like Office apps for work and games for play.
    This Windows will definitely blow the other Windows versions out of the water.
    Windows Insider

    The new Windows Store is the one place for all your favorites

    Introducing the new Windows Store, a unified shopping experience across every Windows 10 device. Browse the store on your PC, tablet, or phone and easily download great free and paid digital content including apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows.

    Thursday, 2 April 2015


    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 11:23
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  • Online payments in Nigeria has been begging to be disrupted since Nigeria first went online, and it looks like might be the one doing the disrupting, albeit quietly. The two-year old online marketplace has created it’s own secure payment method that will allow its customers bypass debit cards when they make purchases on the site.
    KongaPay is the result of a partnership with leading banks in Nigeria, which will make it possible for their customers to link their Konga accounts directly to their bank accounts. What is more, the integration is so tight that KongaPay will work regardless of whether or not said customers have internet banking enabled on their accounts or not.
    It is not clear how long this has been in the offing, but this move to disintermediate card payments, with the help of banks has clearly been in the making since 2014, when Konga first announced a payment feature that would let GTBank customers pay for their purchases via a bank transfer that would be initiated from right inside the checkout cart. If a user elects to pay via GTBank, they are redirected to the bank’s internet banking portal, which on the user’s login populates the forms with the amounts due. Once the transfer is made, the customer is sent back to, completing the purchase.
    KongaPay however changes the game entirely in that asides from doing away with cards entirely, the user will never even see an internet banking portal. After a one time integration, all a customer with a linked bank account need do is click the checkout button, enter a one-time password, and boom.
    KongaPay also has an escrow-like feature which allows them offer a guarantee to refund the total purchase sum for any unsatisfactory products. Because the transfers will be happening between Konga’s bank account and the buyer’s bank account in the same bank, these reversals can be effected near-instantaneously. In many ways, KongaPay is like Alipay, a subsidiary of, which Konga’s founder studiously follows in order to see if he can replicate the Chinese ecommerce giant’s success. Alipay is said to control almost half of China’s online payment market.

    KongaPay is not just a game changer in terms of how Konga is positioned to serve its customers. Seamless bank-enabled payments could give Konga a significant boost in its running battle for Nigerian ecommerce domination with Jumia, its fiercest and better funded competitor. Jumia has raised close to $300 million in comparison to Konga’s < $90 million, and clearly spends more on marketing, but both seem evenly matched on execution, and tend to ape each other on most market innovations and strategies. The two companies are massively invested in proprietary logistics, are aligned with mobile OEMs for exclusive device distribution pushes and even more stuff that is not apparent. It will be interesting to see if and how the Rocket-backed startup will zig to Konga’s latest zig. Or maybe they’ll zag and offer airtime-enabled one-click checkout to MTN customers (this would have made for a good April fool’s joke).
    Beyond one-upping its ecommece nemesis, KongaPay could have bigger effects on the Nigerian electronic payments space itself. Interswitch has said itself that Konga and Jumia are the biggest drivers of ecommerce transactions through their gateway, and the adoption of cardless payments by any one of them would take away some of those revenues. Ecommerce might not be the biggest part of Interswitch’s business at the moment, but it’s perhaps the portion where the biggest future opportunity exists. This development will cause some brows to furrow at the very least. Interswitch has been making positive noises about overhauling its payment gateway and investing in ecommerce-aligned startups — they just invested $850,000 in African Courier Express, a logistics startup — but it seems the ecosystem won’t wait for them to figure things out.
    KongaPay will likely launch in May 2015.

    A Suitcase That Will Also Charge Your Phone and Double Up as a Desk

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 09:10
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  • Sometimes, the coolest things are the ones which won't make a big difference in the world, 

    but could seriously help make your life a little bit more convenient. That's where the McChi 

    luggage comes into the picture.

    The Kickstarter started on April 1, but this is no joke - the McChi is a really simple idea that 

    should've been invented a lot sooner.

    Essentially, it's a tough-looking suitcase, whose lid can be raised to create a table whenever 

    you need it. So the next time you're at the airport and there's a huge crowd of people at the 

    tiny table filling in their immigration and customs forms, you can just avoid the hassle and 

    make your own table.

    There are zipper compartments under the table top, so when you lift the lid, you also reveal 

    all these compartments, which look like a great place to keep your charger cables and other 

    small pieces of gear that normally get lost amongst the other things.

    The best part though, is that you can get the McChi with a 20,000mAh power bank and 2 

    USB ports - that should charge most phones at least 7-8 times. There is also a digital battery 

    readout, so you always know how when it's time to top up the battery.

    The McChi will be accepting funding until May 1, and the smallest size with USB will set you 

    back by $224. The medium size USB version is $244, and the large size USB version costs 

    $499. That sounds a little expensive, but it's made using ABS plastic - other cabin bags we 

    found made online with the same material cost around Rs. 10,000, and this bag also has an 

    aluminium frame and steel corners, so it's not actually unreasonable.

    The project has a $7,500 goal and 29 days to hit the target. If it meets this goal, the 

    estimated delivery is for July 2015, around in the world.

    Microsoft introduces Music and Video Preview apps for Windows 10 build 10049

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 09:09
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  • Yesterday, Microsoft released Project Spartan browser in the latest Windows 10 build. 

    Today, the company is adding Music and Video Preview apps for the latest Windows 10 

    build (10049).

    These apps are replacing Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps and shedding the Xbox 

    branding. The Music app will let users browse, stream, play local songs and make playlists. 

    Other features like dark theme, right click context menu, compact mode and others will be 

    soon added to the app. If you have an Xbox Music Pass, you can browse our full catalog and 

    stream or download music for offline use and discover new music with artist radio stations.

    Google brings custom snooze option to Inbox

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 09:07
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  • Yesterday, Google for Android received a number of new features along with “All Inboxes” 

    tab. Today, Google has introduced custom snooze time option to Inbox.

    Users can now set up custom times for morning, afternoon, and evening snooze. They will 

    have to set an email to snooze, pick a custom time, and then Inbox will ask if you want to set 

    that as your morning, afternoon, or evening preference. Inbox also adapts from your 

    preferences meaning if you snooze to a custom time of 7:30AM, the service will ask if you 

    would like to change your morning time to 7:30AM. When you update your morning, 

    afternoon, or evening times, the rest of your snooze options will also adapt. This evening,” 

    uses your evening time, while “Tomorrow” and “Next week” use your morning time.

    In addition to custom snooze times, this edition of Inbox adds quick access to Contacts from 

    the web interface.

    Play Link – Inbox by Gmail

    Wednesday, 1 April 2015

    Tech Tank

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 23:42
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  • 4 Secrets Wireless Hackers Don't Want You to Know

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 07:25
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  • You're using a wireless access point that has encryption so you're safe, right? Wrong! Hackers want you to believe that you are protected so you will remain vulnerable to their attacks. Here are 4 things that wireless hackers hope you won't find out, otherwise they might not be able to break into your network and/or computer:
    1. WEP encryption is useless for protecting your wireless network. WEP is easily cracked within minutes and only provides users with a false sense of security.
    Even a mediocre hacker can defeat Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)-based security in a matter of minutes, making it essentially useless as a protection mechanism. Many people set their wireless routers up years ago and have never bothered to change their wireless encryption from WEP to the newer and stronger WPA2 security. Updating your router to WPA2 is a fairly simple process. Visit your wireless router manufacturer's website for instructions.
    2. Using your wireless router's MAC filter to prevent unauthorized devices from joining your network is ineffective and easily defeated.
    Every piece of IP-based hardware, whether it's a computer, game system, printer, etc, has a unique hard-coded MAC address in its network interface. Many routers will allow you to permit or deny network access based on a device's MAC address. The wireless router inspects the MAC address of the network device requesting access and compares it your list of permitted or denied MACs. This sounds like a great security mechanism
    but the problem is that hackers can "spoof" or forge a fake MAC address that matches an approved one. All they need to do is use a wireless packet capture program to sniff (eavesdrop) on the wireless traffic and see which MAC addresses are traversing the network. They can then set their MAC address to match one of that is allowed and join the network.
    3. Disabling your wireless router's remote administration feature can be a very effective measure to prevent a hacker from taking over your wireless network.
    Many wireless routers have a setting that allows you to administer the router via a wireless connection. This means that you can access all of the routers security settings and other features without having to be on a computer that is plugged into the router using an Ethernet cable. While this is convenient for being able to administer the router remotely, it also provides another point of entry for the hacker to get to your security settings and change them to something a little more hacker friendly. Many people never change the factory default admin passwords to their wireless router which makes things even easier for the hacker. I recommend turning the "allow admin via wireless" feature off so only someone with a physical connection to the network can attempt to administer the wireless router settings.
    4. If you use public hotspots you are an easy target for man-in-the-middle and session hijacking attacks.
    Hackers can use tools like Firesheep and AirJack to perform "man-in-the-middle" attacks where they insert themselves into the wireless conversation between sender and receiver. Once they have successfully inserted themselves into the line of communications, they can harvest your account passwords, read your e-mail, view your IMs, etc. They can even use tools such as SSL Strip to obtain passwords for secure websites that you visit. I recommend using a commercial VPN service provider to protect all of your traffic when you are using wi-fi networks. Costs range from $7 and up per month. A secure VPN provides an additional layer of security that is extremely difficult to defeat. Unless the hacker is extremely determined they will most likely move on and try an easier target

    Microsoft Surface 3 with 10.8-inch HD display, Intel Atom x7 processor announced, starts at $499

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 06:05
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  • Microsoft just announced Surface 3, an affordable variant of the the Surface Pro 3 tablet 

    that was announced last year. This is powered by quad-core Intel Atom x7 (Cherry Trail) 

    processor, has a 10.8-inch HD screen with 3:2 aspect ratio and runs on 64-bit Windows 8.1 

    OS, which is updradable to Windows 10 once available. It is slightly thinner at 8.7mm and 

    lighter at 622g compared to the Surface Pro 3 with a 12-inch screen. Microsoft says that it is 

    the thinnest and lightest Surface the company has ever shipped. It also comes with LTE 

    variant with built-in nano SIM slot. As usual it comes with one-year subscription to Office 


    It also supports Pen input, similar to the Surface Pro 3, but you have to purchase the pen 

    separately at $50 each in silver, blue, black and red colors. It also sell Type Cover in a range 

    of colors separately for $130 and the Docking Station is also available separately. Microsoft 

    says that the display would offer incredibly accurate colors and clarity from multiple 

    viewing angle. The rear camera has been bumped to 8-megapixel from 5-megapixel on the 

    Surface Pro 3 and this also has a 3.5-megapixel front-facing camera. It also has a kickstand 

    that supports three discrete settings.

    Microsoft Surface 3 specifications

    • 10.8-inch (1920 x 1280 pixels) 3:2 ClearType Full HD Plus 10-point multi-touch Display 

    • with Pen input

    • 1.6 Quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor (up to 2.4 GHz)

    • 2GB RAM with 64 GB storage / 4GB RAM with 128 GB storage, microSD reader

    • Windows 8.1 OS

    • 8MP auto focus rear camera, 1080p video recording

    • 3.5MP front-facing camera, 1080p video recording

    • Dimensions: 267 x 187 x 8.7mm; Weight: 622g

    • Microphone, Stereo speakers with Dolby Audio-enhanced sound

    • LTE (Optional), Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Full USB 3.0, Mini Display 

    • port, Micro USB charging port, GPS (LTE model only)

    • Battery life of up to 10 hours with video-playback

    The Microsoft Surface 3 starts at $499 for the 2GB RAM with 64GB storage version. 4GB 

    RAM with 128GB storage costs $599. Surface 3 with LTE costs $599 for the 2GB RAM + 

    64GB variant and $699 for the 4GB RAM + 128GB version. It will be available though 

    Microsoft Stores, and select retailers, beginning May 5 and goes on sale 

    in 26 markets worldwide by May 7. The LTE variants will be ship by June 26th.

    WhatsApp Voice Calling on Android now available for all without invite

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 05:59
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  • WhatsApp started rolling out voice calling feature for Android users earlier this year. It was 

    available only as invite-only option that opened occasionally, which required a person who 

    already have calling feature to call you to unlock it. Now, after the latest version (2.12.19) 

    that can be side-loaded on your phone, everyone using Android smartphones can enjoy 

    WhatsApp calling without invites. We tried it on several smartphones, including 

    smartphones running on Android Jelly Bean.

    As we said earlier, the call quality is decent on WiFi, but on 3G and 2G it was not the best. 

    This might improve over time. WhatsApp calling feature is currently available only on 

    Android. It is expected to roll out to other platforms soon. WhatsApp is yet to launch 

    WhatsApp calling officially. Since it is available for everyone, the announcement is expected 


    Tuesday, 31 March 2015

    Google Chrome's Data Saver Feature Now Available for Desktop Users

    By: EJIRO EDWIN On: 17:19
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  • Google has launched a new Chrome browser extension called Data Saver, which can be used 

    to save bandwidth and time when loading Web pages. The service has till now been 

    primarily targeted at mobile users, since they suffer from limited connectivity and try to 

    save expensive data. However, with the launch of this extension, Google has made the 

    service available to PC users of the Chrome browser as well.

    The Data Saver extension, currently in beta, can be downloaded from the Chrome Web 

    Store. Google has been quiet about this launch, refraining from making any announcements 

    on the same. The extension was released on the Chrome Web Store on March 23.

    The extension will only work on Chrome 41 and above, and should turn on by default 

    immediately after installation. It can be disabled and re-enabled through settings. It should 

    also be pointed out that the extension does not function when used with secure (HTTPS) 

    sites and during Incognito mode.

    Google's Data Saver feature has been available for mobile devices through Chrome for 

    Android and Chrome for iOS in release form since January 2014. Apart from saving 

    bandwidth and loading Web pages faster, the extension also boosts security, since all sites 

    are routed through Google's servers, where they are checked for malware and malicious 


    The Data Saver feature is of course very useful for mobile devices, but will now also find 

    some utility for PC users with slow Internet connections, limited Internet connectivity or 

    low bandwidth plans. With this latest Chrome extension launch, Google appears to now be 

    on track to launch the service in release form soon.